Our History

Initially based in the Punggol area, our original business interest was in the area of pig farming.

Following the phasing-out of pig farming in the late 1980s, the farm re-located to the Mandai area, where it became one of Singapore’s leading international exporters of premium quality commercial orchids with wide and deep orchid distribution networks.

Our Business

Apart from orchids, Orchidville has branched out into the Food and Beverage industry, with Forrest, its very own restaurant located on the premises.

It has also developed expertise in the area of Event Management, offering facilities for expertly organized conferences, events and functions.

Most recent Business Transformation

Orchidville's most recent business transformation comes in the form of its diversification into the area of locally sustainable farming.

In order to boost the supply of locally grown produce, Orchidville has developed its own in-house proprietary farming methods in the area of vegetable farming.

The vegetables cultivated on our farm are precisely cared for in secure greenhouses, without any pesticides, ensuring quality and traceability at every step from seed to store.



Over the years, we can sense the change in consumer attitudes towards food safety, food freshness and the nutritional integrity of imported ingredients. We stand behind each and every product we offer to our customers. We believe that the main reason for our success over the years is our attention to detail, and our ongoing commmitment to improve the quality of our products.

Our Core Business Areas

Salad Greens

Grown With Our Hybrid Aquaponics System Using Our 100% Natural Probiotic Fertilizer (LACTOBACILLUS)

Local Vegetables

Grown With Garden Soil Using Our 100% Natural Probiotic Fertilizer (LACTOBACILLUS)

In House Dining Restaurant

High Standards Of Chinese Cuisine

Event Management
Royal Greenhouse Garden

Large and Spacious venue with unique lighting effects and is suitable for all types of events