The orchid is the national flower of Singapore and Orchidville is an orchid farm in Singapore, occupying 3.3 hectares of land at 82 Sungei Tengah Road.

Orchidville is strongly backed and supported by the Singapore Government to succeed in high-technology based products, agro-tourism and agro-related service businesses.

Through its expertise in the cultivation and development of all types of orchids, Orchidville has helped to significantly raise the profile and status of Singapore as a leading exporter of premium commercial orchids.


Initially based in the Punggol area, our original business interest was in the area of pig farming. However, following the eventual phasing-out of the pig farming trade by the Singapore Government in the late 1980s, the farm was re-located to the Mandai area, where it still operates currently. Massive amounts of money has been spent to give the original farm a complete facelift and transform it into a lush tropical paradise for all to enjoy.

As a result of the realignment of our business to cater to the strong public interest and growing worldwide demand for orchids, Orchidville Pte Ltd was incorporated on 27 August 1993.


Sales and revenue

Despite the economic fluctuations of recent times, orchid sales at Orchidville have generally been on the up-trend since 1997.

A breakdown of revenue generated from Orchidville’s various businesses include:

  • Cut-flower sales - 45%
  • Plants and seedling sales - 5%
  • Landscaping projects - 15%
  • Food and Beverage - 25%
  • Agro-tourism - 5%
  • Edu-tourism - 5%

Our Business

The past decade has seen Orchidville grow to become a leading international exporter of premium quality orchids to countries such as the USA, Australia and Japan, where there is a strong and ever-increasing demand for premium orchids.

Orchidville’s future growth relies on our ability to expand our orchid distribution network.

Our goal is to continue to increase the sales turnover and profit of the company by developing a competitve edge. Through the development of a strong market presence and consistently exceeding both market and customer expectations, Orchidville aims to cement its position as a truly innovative and diversified company with an emphasis on superior service and delivery.

Apart from orchids, Orchidville has expanded into other key business areas such as:

  • Edu-tourism
  • Food and Beverage
  • Event Management
  • Retail
  • Research

Through branching out into other areas, Orchidville aims to challenge public perceptions and prove that it is more than merely an orchid farm - it is also a knowledge hub, a retail centre, a key tourist attraction, a place where memorable events can be held, and most importantly a place where visitors can go to escape the hustle and bustle of life and appreciate the peacefulness, tranquillity and beauty of Orchidville.