Forrest - In House Restaurant

Forrest uses the finest ingredients in our delicious dishes to ensure our customers enjoy mouthwatering Chinese cuisine, which has been executed with authenticity and craftsmanship.

Be tempted by our extensive menu, with a large array of tempting dishes especially created by our chefs.

  • Our food is Fresh and Authentic
  • Coupled with Attention to Detail
  • Great Service
  • Making Forrest a Unique Dining Experience for the entire family

A video featuring

The Making of Orchidville's Volcano Rock Charcoal Baked Kampong Chicken

Authentic and Traditional Slow Baking method using Volcano Rock Charcoal Fire. Chicken is wrapped in Lotus Leaves and Organic Soil before being slow-baked for 3 hours.

Chinese Cuisine

Kick off your meal with our Farm Fresh Salad with Tuna flakes & Sesame dressing, using vegetables harvested directly from our farm or try our house specialties such as the Shiitake Mushroom with Farm Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Fragrant Crispy Cereal Prawn, Signature German Fusion Crispy Pork Knuckle, Volcano Rock Charcoal Baked Kampong Chicken (New Dish, Pre-Order required), Crispy Soon Hock with Signature Hong Kong Sauce, Chilli or Salted Egg Crab (Pre-Order required).

Steam Pot

Forrest is one of the few restaurants in Singapore that offers the Steam Pot dining concept. Steam pot is a healthy, guilt-free alternative to Steamboat because there is no soup involved - you simply place the food in the steamer and let the heat do the work of cooking the food for you.

Cooking the ingredients in steamers using high speed steaming technology at high temperatures ensures that the food is not overcooked and that the original flavours of the seafood, vegetables and other ingredients shine through. Try our Steam Pot specialties such as the Steamed Red Snapper, Sea Prawn, Dim Sum, Sri Lankan Crab and Dried Scallop Porridge.

MenusSteam Pot Set
Chinese Cuisine Set & Ala Carte

Steam Pot Set

Set Menu A and B

Chinese Cuisine Set

Set Menu For 4-5, 6-7, 8-10 pax

Chinese Cuisine Ala Carte

[Prices are subject to
10% Service Charge and 7% GST]

  • Crab (Pre-order)
    Seasonal Price
    1. (PRE-ORDER) Salted Egg Crab
    2. (PRE-ORDER) Black Pepper Crab
    3. (PRE-ORDER) Chilli Crab
  • Fish
    4. Chef Curry Fish Head (L:$35.80)
    5. Fish Head with Bean Paste (L:$35.80)
    6. Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet (S:$13.80/M:$19.80/L:$25.80)
    7. Sambal Fish Fillet (S:$13.80/M:$19.80/L:$25.80)
    8. Crispy Seabass with Fruits (M:$32.80/L:$58.80)
    9. Steamed Seabass with Hong Kong Sauce (M:$30.80/L:$56.80)
    10. Crispy Soon Hock with Hong Kong Sauce (M:$35.80/L:$63.80)
  • Prawn
    11. Fragrance Cereal Prawn (S:$19.80/M:$29.80/L:$42.80)
    12. Salted Egg Prawn (S:$19.80/M:$29.80/L:$42.80)
    13. Fried Shrimp with Dried Chilli (S:$19.80/M:$29.80/L:$42.80)
    14. Fried Shrimp with Mango Sauce (S:$19.80/M:$29.80/L:$42.80)
    15. Golden Pumpkin Prawn (S:$19.80/M:$29.80/L:$42.80)
    16. Prawn Rolls (S:$16.80/M:$23.80/L:$30.80)
  • Pork
    17. German Fusion Pork Knuckle (M:$32.80/L:$59.80)
    18. Roasted Caramelize Pork Ribs (S:$18.80/M:$28.80/L:$45.80)
    19. Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce (S:$13.80/M:$19.80/L:$29.80)
    20. Sweet and Sour Pork (S:$13.80/M:$19.80/L:$29.80)
  • Chicken & Duck
    21. (PRE-ORDER) Smoked Tea Duck (L:$60.80)
    22. (PRE-ORDER) Volcano Rock Charcoal Baked Chicken new
    For 4 - 6 pax: $38.80
    PROMOTION: LESS 20% (Limited Period only)
    23. Crispy Roasted Chicken (M:$18.80/L:$35.80)
    24. Chicken Roll (S:$16.80/M:$23.80/L:$30.80)
    25. Sichuan Drunken Chicken (S:$13.80/M:$19.80/L:$29.80)
    26. Diced Chicken with Dried Chilli (S:$13.80/M:$19.80/L:$29.80)
    27. Crispy Roasted Chicken Wing (S:$12.80/M:$23.80/L:$32.80)
  • Tofu & Eggs
    28. Tofu Treasure (S:$8.80/M:$12.80/L:$18.80)
    29. Village Beancurd (S:$13.80/L:$18.80)
    30. Golden Crab Meat Tofu (S:$12.80/M:$16.80/L:$23.80)
    31. Deep Fried Fresh Prawn with Egg (S:$10.80/M:$15.80/L:$20.80)
    32. Deep Fried Dried Baby Shrimp with Egg (S:$10.80/M:$15.80/L:$20.80)
  • Vegetables
    33. Fusion Eggplant with Minced meat (S:$13.80/M:$18.80/L:$25.80)
    34. Kai Lan/Cai Xin/Nai Bai with Prawn (S:$16.80/M:$25.80/L:$32.80)
    35. Kai Lan/Cai Xin/Nai Bai with Mushroom (S:$13.80/M:$18.80/L:$25.80)
    36. Bai Ling Mushroom with Vegetables (S:$13.80/M:$18.80/L:$25.80)
    37. Bitter Gourd with Bean Paste (S:$9.80/M:$13.80/L:$20.80)
    38. Fried Sambal Kang Kong (S:$9.80/M:$13.80/L:$20.80)
    39. Fried Sambal Sweet Potato Leaf (S:$9.80/M:$13.80/L:$20.80)
    40. Fried Kai Lan/Cai Xin/Nai Bai with Garlic (S:$9.80/M:$13.80/L:$20.80)
  • Soup
    41. (PRE-ORDER) Mini Fo Tiao Qiang
    (Individual serving: $22.80)
    42. Fish Maw with Crab Meat (S:$20.80/M:$30.80/L:$40.80)
    (Individual serving: $6.80)
    43. Sweet Corn with Minced Chicken (S:$18.80/M:$28.80/L:$38.80)
    (Individual serving: $5.80)
    44. Bitter Gourd with Seafood (S:$18.80/M:$28.80/L:$38.80)
    (Individual serving: $5.80)
  • Rice
    45. Fried Rice with XO Sauce (S:$9.80/M:$16.80/L:$22.80)
    46. Fried Rice with Seafood (S:$9.80/M:$16.80/L:$22.80)
    47. Olive Fried Rice (S:$9.80/M:$16.80/L:$22.80)
  • Noodles
    48. Seafood Hor Fun (S:$9.80/M:$16.80/L:$22.80)
    49. Teochew style Udon Noodle (S:$9.80/M:$16.80/L:$25.80)
    50. Ee-Fu Noodle with Crab Meat (S:$9.80/M:$16.80/L:$25.80)
    51. Pu Tien Seafood Noodle (S:$9.80/M:$16.80/L:$25.80)
    52. Pu Tien XO Sambal Noodle (S:$9.80/M:$16.80/L:$25.80)
  • Dessert
    53. Crispy Red Bean Pancake ($12.80)
    54. Herbal Jelly ($3.80/per pax)
    55. (PRE-ORDER) Mango Crystal Popping ($4.80/per pax)
  • Beverages
    56. Chinese Tea ($1.00)
    57. Lime Juice / Lou Han Guo ($3.00)
    58. Buah Long Long Fruit Juice ($3.50)
    59. Soft Drinks ($2.00)
    60. Beer - Heineken ($6.00/glass | $20.00/jug)
    61. Beer - Tiger ($6.00/glass | $18.00/jug)
    62. Red/White Wine (from $38.00)