What We Sell


  • Direct From Our Farm
  • Farm-Direct Pricing
  • Grown with our Hybrid Aquaponics System

Salads taste best with the inclusion of premium salad greens. Why pay for ready-made salads when you can make your own with vegetables fresh from the source?

We currently grow 6 varieties of Salad Greens in our Greenhouses - Romaine Lettuce, Butterhead Lettuce, Rosa Lettuce, Kale, Baby Rocket and Mizuna.

Our Salad Greens are available for sale commercially and on our premises.

  • Direct From Our Farm
  • Farm-Direct Pricing
  • Grown using Garden Soil with Natural Probiotics Fertilizer (Lactobacillus)

We currently grow 8 varieties of Local Vegetables in our Greenhouses - Chye Sim, Chinese Spinach (Bayam), Chinese Parsley, Kai Lan, Kang Kong, Nai Bai, Round Leaf Spinach (Bayam) and Spring Onion.

Our Local Vegetables are available for sale commercially and on our premises.

Introducing our Brand

Day-1 By Orchidville

  • Premium Vegetables

  • 100% Freshness Guaranteed

  • Direct From Our Greenhouses in Singapore

Premium Dried Food

Anchovy and Dried Prawn
Fish Maw

Other than vegetables, premium dried food such as Anchovy, Dried Prawn and Fish Maw are also on sale on the premises.

Balonglong Fruit Juice

Refreshing Thirst Quencher

  • Grown and freshly made on the premises
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • Improve digestion

Balonglong Fruit Juice is on sale on the premises.

Ornamental pot plants and gardening accessories

A Great Shopping Experience

Ornamental pot plants
Gardening accessories

We sell a variety of ornamental pot plants, as well gardening accessories on our premises. If you are a keen gardener, come to our premises to view our selection of plants, pots and vases, soil, sand, fertilizers.